Why Do we Judge?

Ever wondered why do we judge people or why do we pass our judgements on people without knowing them or their side of their side of the story?

You see it is our human tendency to judge people I mean no one will teach you or tell you to judge someone instead most will say the otherwise but still we do,still we judge people or should I say pass comments on them.

I would be lying if I tell you that I don’t judge people.I do and everyone does,but the big question is WHY?

Imagine you are a kid and from the very beginning of your existence you have been told to not talk to certain set of people and then you grow up,you try to trespass that barrier and talk to them but then your parents pull your ears and scolds you like hell for talking to them and then they fill you with some more negativity for those people.Will you ever make another effort to jump that barricade back again?

Most probably Not. You see its the society or the surroundings that we have grown up that defines our action. Many times we are told to not talk to that person because he is black or don’t talk to this person because he is poor and do you know whats the worst thing about it! We start judging people not from our independent thoughts but from those that our beloved society has inscribed in our memory walls and has corrupted our system from the same virus that the society is suffering from.pot_calling_the_kettle_a_black_motherfucker_2

But Do u really think its just the society or there is another layer of insecurity and fear  that’s hidden deep inside our own self due to which we judge people!!

Someone has rightly quoted it “If someone is judging you,Its not about you at all.It’s about them Its their Fear,their Jealousy,their boredom and their insecurity.

Many a times this must have happened with you too that you see someone residing in a big house and you walk by and see them smiling and feel sad about yourself and then just to cheer yourself up you pass a derogatory comment on them bringing smile on your face or maybe you see a girl and you body shame her just so that you can feel good about yourself.

Unknowingly we do all of that just to bury our insecurities,our fears deep inside that sometimes we dont even know who the fuck we are and who we have become.Trust me its not a very pleasant sight when you pass comments about someone.Try being on the other side once you will know the struggle is for real.You pass a comment and feel happy for a few seconds and then you leave life back to normal but sometimes that person whom you just judged and passed comments on might feel sad for the whole day or maybe if he/she is so insecure about them they might end up taking their life.

Now if you have been through all this you must be wondering what Should I do to stop it?

RESPECT,everyone has their life and their share of struggles and joy So the basic thing that you can do is Respect them Understand that they are doing the same struggle that you are doing.They are working hard the same way as you are.Appreciate their company,give them their space and let them be them not the one you want them to be.


Another question that comes in is that what if I tell someone that you are fat and I genuinely care for them.See there is a thin line between a concerned remark and judged remark. They also know the problem all you got to do is be the helping hand that they need.Be nice to them,Be gentle and kind but do not over exaggerate If you have told them the same thing for n number of times and still they don’t listen to you Accept it and Shut the Fuck up and Be happy in your life after all Self Respect is also important folks.

P.S : This is my opinion from what I have observed and read and watched on this topic.Suggestions and Feedback are welcome would love to know what you think about this topic.


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Picture No. 2 : https://omgquotes.com/motivational/motivational-quotes-lift-people-up/





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